In the Venlo Schoon Collectief we combine trash and art. The exposition Weg met Wegwerp! in the former Kunstencentrum (now Co) in Venlo was the start of our collab. Our showpiece Wake-up call (the Pril bottle from 1961) from the exposition was on display at the KlimaatExpo in Zwolle in 2022. 

The Venlo Schoon Collectief is a collaboration between Stichting Venlo Schoon and photographer Nicky Caspers-Boeren.


As Venlo Schoon volunteers, we organize cleanups in the Venlo area. While litterpicking we often find items that are decades old. What does this say about our society? Why do we choose single-use plastic packaging – sometimes used for mere minutes – while plastic was designed to last hundreds of years? And what are the consequences for our environment and for our health?

In the exposition Weg met Wegwerp! we tell the story of the throw-away society through photographs and vintage litter found in nature and along the river Maas in the Venlo area. The exposition provides an overview of the vintage plastics that Laurie Baggen and Suzanne van Knippenberg, founders of Venlo Schoon, have collected over the years. The showpiece: a Pril bottle from 1961! The spectacular photographs were taken by Nicky Caspers-Boeren

Weg met wegwerp! was on display in the former Kunstencentrum Venlo (now Co) until 4 April 2022.